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Welcome The Cookbook Project. As the recipient of a book you are asked to contribute your recipe and the story of that recipe on the next page of the book. If your recipe is not original then please cite where it comes from. There is no recipe too simple or too complex, it is the associated memory to you that makes it special. Be as creative as you like with your inclusion. If you are more comfortable taping your recipe into the page that is fine as well. What you chose to do with your page is up to you.  

Please do your best to include one ingredient (or implement) from the previous recipe in your recipe.  Nothing is too simple, salt or sugar is fine. If there is not an ingredient perhaps a pan or cooking technique. 

If you are not with me in person when you are done with your book, contact me via email and I will facilitate the continuation of its journey.

The goal is to create a community experience and connection for each participant to his / her experience and ultimately to a broader community through recipes.

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