Select Photography


I have a daily practice to take 36 images and process 3 to be 2 1/2" x 4" representative carte-de-visite for the day. Carte-de-Visite were calling cards when someone would visit and leave a tiny presence behind. Each day is filled with tiny bits of presence. This is a 365 day project that began 01JAN2017.  (Format adopted from Andre Adolphe Disderi's 1854 dimensions.) 


24" x 24" - Archival Digital Print 



5" x 7" electrostatic transfer onto paper hand made from lint. 
5" x 7" Polaroid transfer onto paper hand made from linen.


One to Many

36" x 60" digital prints onto watercolor paper

Not On Paper - On Silk

8"x 10" digital image printed on pure Chinese silk, various other mounting materials.


Let the Healing Begin [22 Wednesdays One Year] [only select images from collection]

11" x 14" black and white digital prints [potential future book form]