Projection & Installation

"Mine" the Play by Maria Deasy - Theater Projection Design and Implementation 

Series of scenic projections to enhance and support the story line creating atmosphere for the actors and audience. Coordinated technical projection work with Stage Manager and Lighting Engineer to create a seamless presentation. Mine was selected as part of The Broadway Bound Theater Festival.

Gallery Performance Projection - Internal Conversation

One night live performance - Covivant Gallery, Tampa, Florida

Delicate words deserve an intimate framework.  Words spoken between lovers are visible on their bodies, wearing their invisible emotions, their naked truth.  Bound together as a couple by love, they are also bound by the projection, as equal parts project on each partner.  As observers, we are drawn by the voyeur in us, engaging in secret moments people typically do not share with others.

turn it and turn it - Interactive Museum Installation

Installation at The Tampa Museum of Art as an invited participant of Overview / Undercurrent show. 

From Lint We Built a Home - Interactive Installation Gallery Installed 

From Lint We Built a Home was a living installation at the Scarfone Hartley Gallery at the University of Tampa located in Tampa, Florida. The small flames inside each home warmed the moss giving off a comforting aroma of grass and fresh laundry.  Lint as material fascinates because it is made up of ourselves, our families, and the cycle of our daily lives.  It is literally made up of ourselves and our loved ones, yet discarded without a second thought.  But the fabric of our lives flow through the things we do inside our homes, the simplest things we do in each day.  This material repurposed as a home forces the viewer to think about the daily ebullitions of our life as being our lives, our homes, and taking nothing for granted.  

Simbari Mine - Gallery Projection

Simbari Mine was selected for display at Electronics Alive at the Scarfone Hartley Gallery at the University of Tampa located in Tampa, Florida. 

Etched Exchange - Interactive Gallery Installation 

Etched Exchange was installed at the Scarfone Hartley Gallery at the University of Tampa located in Tampa, Florida. Sturdy large glass panels suspended delicately from the ceiling provide a strong back drop for the delicate affairs of the heart.  The glass allows the viewer to read the words and see through the obvious barriers created by these series of panels.  As the viewer walks through and reads the words, they are invited to a journey of a heart, a soul, a transparent invitation to love; one filled with obstacles, both real and perceived.  A maze of emotions, easy to get lost in, harder to express, and universally sought.