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I make books; tangible books, the ones you can feel and smell and who carry pages engulfed in covers that indicate a clear beginning and end. I think of each of my books as much more than a repository filled with blank pages. Each is an individual entity filled with its own meaning. The materials represent an inventory of my past leaving room to fill and construct different future. I create with unusual materials not typically associated with traditional bookmaking. While I do employ a foundation of basic bookbinding and form, my final structures carry meaning regardless of the content held within. 

Many to One

3" tall x 24" in diameter

This book is the result of two days of workshops with students at The Pingry School. Each student learned how to make a fold "zine" or mini-book out of an 8.5"x 11" piece of paper. All the individual books were collected and sewn into one collaborative volume. Approximately 250 contributions from students, teachers, and gallery visitors are included.


1" x 4" - Black Photo Tape, Handmade Paper, Binding Twine, Digital Images


The "Precious" mini book with triptychs is derived, in part, by my personal practice of taking photos every day; a practice I owe to my time with the International Center for Photography's CE Advanced Program

Willow Brook

Approximately 5" in diameter and 4"in height; pine wood trunk, handmade paper, binding twine.

Willow Brook was inspired by this discarded cutting I found during my residency at Willow Brook Farm & Art Center. Each tree at The Third Stone Christmas Tree Farm finds its way home each holiday season; for me; a different but equally as powerful memory lives on through this tree.


2" diameter and 4" tall japanese paper, recycled passports, and a kitchen preserves jar

Secrets kept hidden can be dangerous especially those kept due to social stigma or embarrassment. Rape, sexual assault, cutting, stealing, eating disorders, gender and sexual identity and the like can cause lasting personal pain to both and individual as well as an institution. As with a physical wound, psychological wounds are healed one tiny stitch at a time. They leave permanent scars that become the fabric of both victim and perpetrator. Once let out, bottled secrets can also be bottled blank pages ready to tell a new story. The story of the people that inspired this piece can be found here: The Pingry Survivors.

The Leftovers

Various sizes and materials.

When making books for The Cookbook Project there are usually materials left over. I make these "scraps" into small volumes. The only thing they share is their diminutive size and that they are solely made from the leftovers.

Etched Narratives

Sizes vary, glass, custom made pedestal used as a static binding.

Double etched narrative series produced during my MFA program at The Maine College of Art speaks to the duality of conversation and the real need for careful attention and cooperation in order to grow a relationship.