The Cookbook Project

Creating connection with recipes and stories… a time to rebuild.

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The original 13 books took six years to conceive, create, populate, and launch. That part of the project came to a on 21 AUG 2018 when 12 of the 13 the books, carefully stored in their travel case, were stolen in San Mateo, CA.

The best efforts combined of private investigators, the San Mateo Sheriff’s Office, BART, the South San Francisco Sanitation Department, and the District Attorney’s Office have not led to the recovery of any of the volumes.

The thief was caught, jailed, and found guilty of several open cases in South San Francisco / San Mateo area. To date the individual will not communicate what was done with any of the books so their fate can only be assumed.

These lost books, and the memories of my mother that were incased in them, may be gone in tangible form but live on here through the individual stories of their creation. Looking toward the future, new volumes and forms are being added to the collection with the focus on rebuilding.

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The Books - New

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Project Statement

The work uses the frame of the kitchen as a place where shared experiences both good and bad occur. I aim to expose histories of joy and pain, and in the process, create a collection of stories with recipes. The content is created through collaboration combining the history mail art and family-built recipe books. I have found the histories of bookmaking and sculpture to be useful in arranging ideas in order to align content, concept, and form. In this project, I hope to make visible the historicizing memories of how we all take our meals. The work is grounded in my personal struggle with truthfulness, love of the kitchen community, with consideration of aesthetics.

Project Structure

The Cookbook Project, a series of handmade artist books, each designed to encourage personal introspection and at the same time create connection to a community. For me, they solidify the now, memorialize the past, and set the table for the future. Each volume opens with one of my recipes and my story of the memory. I then deliver each book to project participants who is asked in turn to add a recipe and the story of that memory. I ask that each recipe added contain one ingredient from the preceding recipe if possible. I facilitate the continuation of each book's journey. Circulation had begun in August 2018 but was halted with the theft of the books. 


The Books - The Stolen Volumes

Click on images to learn about the story of each book, material details, number of pages, first recipe, participants, production images, and my personal inspiration.


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